Welcome to Year 3

School Closure Updates

8th June 2020

Dear Parents and Children,

You will be able to find this week’s work here on the Y3 web page and on the Y3 Google Classroom. Please access the work through Google Classroom when you receive your usernames and passwords ( 8th June) . Google Classroom will become the main source to connect with home learning. On Google Classroom the children will be able to navigate and complete the assignments more easily on Google slides, so that I can follow their progress.

Mr. McVittie


Y3 English Work  (8/06 – 12/06)


* Minimum of 30 minutes reading every day.  Please try to quiz on Accelerated Reader at least once every two weeks

Accelerated Reader link

Reading Letter – 2nd April 2020


Please complete the daily English lessons on the Oak National Academy website (Week 7- June 8th-12th).

This week, the children will learn about:

Reading Comprehension

  • Focus 1 – To be able to summarise key information from a text (Please complete on Google Classroom in Google Slides).


SPAG Focus – Subordinate Clause

  • A subordinate clause is a clause that cannot stand alone as a main sentence, but is linked to the main clause by using a subordinating conjunction. (Please complete on Google Classroom in Google Slides)

Writing – Follow the instructions on the (Friday Oak Academy video) and write your own letter from one of the crayons to the teacher (Duncan). (Please complete on Google Classroom in Google Slides)


Spellings – Practise these on Spelling Shed 

-High Frequency Words Revision

accident         actual

address         answer

appear         arrive

believe       bicycle

breath        breathe

Lots of Y3 children feature in the whole school Spelling Shed Leaderboard, so please keep buzzing onto this site and have fun learning your spellings by playing the word games. I am really proud of my Y3 spellers!

Spelling Shed link

Spellings – Summer Term 2


Please complete the following activities:


  • Subordinate Clauses and Conjunctions (A)
  • Grammar Y3 (E)


Maths Topics Week Commencing 8.6.20 – Division, Distributive Law, Odds & Evens  & Place Value  (Remember all Maths activities can be accessed through the Maths section on Google Classroom)

Short Division (Y4)

Distributive Law (Y4)

Odds, Evens and Multiples (Y3)

Numbers, Counting (Y3)

Special Numbers (Y3)

Extra Challenge – Try the NRich activity ‘Let Us Devide’ (link below) and complete the tasks on the Google Slide.


Well done to the children who have worked incredibly hard to complete all of the activities so far (If you haven’t quite completed them, you can still access them).  Please make sure you read through the ‘try the lesson’ section which will provide all of the teaching required, so you can attempt the homework. I look forward to checking how you get on with your questions.

My Maths link

Every week I will add at least one new Active Learn game that will be relevant to the Y3 summer Maths curriculum. Please aim to complete the gold standard, but remember to complete bronze and silver first.

Active Learn link

I have set the 3, 4 and 8 times tables as the main focus for this term on Times Tables Rockstars; these can be accessed in the Garage and Arena section. Once you feel secure, be ambitious and attempt questions up to 12 X 12 in the Studio, Festival and Rockslam areas.

Time Tables Rock Stars link

While the above tasks are the Maths priorities, I would also encourage children work through the BBC Bitesize Daily Maths Y3 lessons, which will reinforce key Y3 concepts.

BBC Bitesize Daily lessons link


Please refer to the Y3 Mental Maths Summer Term 1 Target Card for key concepts that will feature in the online home learning activities.

Mental Maths – Summer Term 2


Geography  (8th-12th June)

The new Geography lessons and assignments need to be accessed via google classroom. The children will be able to complete exciting interactive map work, which I will be able to view.


Physical Education

Every week I will post a Personal Best Physical Challenge for you to try on a Monday. Practice the skill during the week then try and get a personal best score on Friday. This week your challenge is ‘catch and clap’. If you have not got a small ball to use at home, just use a rolled up pair of socks. How many times can you throw a ball up, clap and then catch it in 60 seconds?

Catch and Clap Personal Best Challenge (8th June – 12th June)


Also look at Day 3 in the Key Stage 2 section of real pe. On Tuesday play ‘Shape up, Warm Up’, Wednesday attempt the Funs skills one legged balance and on Thursday play Rock, Paper, Scissors. Use the link below. Please just contact the school if you need the username and password sent out again (both are accessible on the Google Classroom link to real PE).

Real PE – At home programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together.


Science – Animals including humans

Over dinner, think about the different types of food on your plate and the nutrients they contain. Which nutrients are there the most/least of?
Investigate the tins and other packets of food in your cupboards. Choose a nutrient and see if you can sort them from most to least (the packets should have information about how much protein, fat, carbohydrates and some vitamins are in them).
What if we didn’t have a skeleton?
What if we didn’t have muscles?


Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Explore these brilliant teaching and learning videos, then please attempt the exciting activities. This will set up our country and region study on Italy.

Video Links


Country/Region Project – Why does Italy Shake and Roar?

Research Italy, their culture and lifestyle using the resources below. Try and locate Italy and mark surrounding seas, bordering countries, major cities, mountains and volcanoes on the attached maps. Consider the physical (mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes) and human (restaurants, shops, houses, food, leisure) features of Italy. What are the similarities and differences between England and Italy and between South Shields and Naples?

All About Italy & Comprehension

Italian Culture and Lifestyle

Map Work ( Refer to the map in ‘Naples- Lifestyle, Culture, Physical & Human Features Pg 1)

Comparing Italy and the UK

Naples – Lifestyle, Culture, Physical & Human Features

Would you like to visit Naples?

Key Vocabulary

Why does Italy Shake and Roar?


Hopefully everyone is beginning to adapt to the current circumstances and I hope that these activities will help you to continue to enjoy your learning and make progress.

We look forward to seeing you all again safe and well soon.

Mr. McVittie & Miss Moffett


Useful Documents


Spellings – Summer Term 1

Mental Maths – Summer Term 1


Y3 Curriculum Overview

RE Letter to parents – Summer

Useful Links

Here you will find some useful links:


Reading Letter – 2nd April 2020

Accelerated Reader


Spelling Shed

BBC KS2 English

Spelling and Grammar Bug

The Literacy Shed



Times Table Rockstars

My Maths

Numbots – Number games (login is the same as Times Table Rock Stars

White Rose – This website is currently providing a daily video and work in maths.

The Maths Factor – This is free for parents to used during COVID-19


Twinkl – This website has a huge selection of cross curricular resources. Enter the offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS to get free access.

Espresso – Cross curricular videos and activities. (Username: student25022 Password: espresso)