Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Clements would like to welcome you to Year 2.  We are really looking forward to teaching you this year and we hope that you will enjoy working with us and will try your best with anything you are asked to do.  We have some great activities planned, both in and outside of class, and have organised some exciting visits and visitors too!


Remember you will be able to find your mental maths and spelling homework on this page if you can’t find it or have lost it.

Useful Information

Home Learning

In English, children have been given the following booklets to work through as well on-line learning activities (see attached letter):

  • Nelson Handwriting Workbooks (2A and 2B)
  • KS1 English Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling – SATs Study and Practice Book
  • Cracking Comprehension Reading Comprehension activities
  • Nelson Phonics Spelling and Handwriting Book

On spag.com the following tasks have been assigned:

  • Verb Tenses (A)
  • Terminology – Y2 (A)
  • Suffixes (A)
  • Noun phrases and compound nouns (A)
  • Conjunction Types (A)
  • 4 Sentence Types (A)
  • 4 Sentence Types (B)
  • 2017 – SATs – KS1
  • Grammar – Y1 (A)
  • Capital Letters and Full Sops (A)
  • Creating Sentences (A)

All of the workbooks and on-line tasks are intended for you to complete over the coming weeks.  Ideally, please complete one Handwriting and one GPS task (either in the Practice Book or via spag.com) each day, as well as two Reading Comprehension activities each week. For those children who have Phonics Booklets, please complete one activity per day.

Parents, the above is the ideal situation.  We appreciate that this may be tricky to do with all of the other family and work commitments you have at home.  It is a guide only!!  Spending time together as a family, having some fun and getting a bit of fresh air is just as important!

Having said that, I have noticed that some children have completed many of the spag.com tasks already so I have assigned some more to those children.  I will keep checking children’s progress and assign tasks as and when.

I have also assigned 2 tasks on Active Learn – Noun Phrases and Types of Sentence.

Some children had nearly finished reading 10 books at their current level, so I decided to move everyone up by 1 level on Oxford Reading Buddy.  This means that once your child has read and quizzed on the 10 books at their current level they can easily move onto the next level.  I do not expect the children to do more work at home than at school so reading 1 book each week (like they’ve always done) will be sufficient!

In Maths children have been given a number of online activities on MyMaths where they have a task to complete each day if possible.

There will be new online maths games assigned on Abacus (Activelearn) weekly to engage your children with some fun interactive challenges and they have also been set timetables on TTRockstars to practise if they can.

Click here for some additional home learning activities that children can complete at their own pace – this is not required by any means, but if children want to try something different it’s another option!

I am able to feedback to children on the work they do through MyMaths so I can keep track on what everyone is up to and give encouragement where I can! Just try your best, keep safe and take care of one another.

Thinking of you all!

Home Learning Letter_March 2020           Geography_China Activity Grid

Reading Letter – 2nd April 2020


Useful Websites


Active Learn – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

SPaG.com – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Accelerated Reader – Reading

Oxford Reading Buddy – Reading      (Parent Support)


Active Learn – Maths

Times Table Rock Stars – Times Tables

Numbots – Number games (login is the same as Times Table Rock Stars)

My Maths – Mathematics

Espresso – Cross curricular videos and activities. (Username: student25022 Password: espresso)


real PE – At home programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together.


These website are currently offering free resources:

Twinkl – This website has a huge selection of cross curricular resources. Enter the offer code: CVDTWINKLHELPS to get free access.

White Rose – This website is currently providing a daily video and work in maths.

Number Fun – Maths videos, songs, activities and games.

Jump Start Jonny – Jump Start Jonny is helping families stay fit and healthy with his FREE workout videos! There are also mindfulness activities that help children stay calm and downloadable resources that keep children well occupied!

Super Movers – Fun curriculum linked resources to get children moving while they learn.

GoNoodle – GoNoodle gets children up and moving to fun, engaging content and games.

Phonics Tracker – Click on the Games Tab at the top of the page to access free phonics games.

Scroll down the page to access additional resources / links.


Curriculum Information:

Curriculum Overview – Autumn 2019

Curriculum Overview – Spring 2020

Parents’ Meeting

RE – Come & See Letters

RE Letter to Parents – Autumn 2019

RE Letter to Parents – Spring 2020


Homework Information:


All children must complete the weekly spelling sheet (using the process of Look, Cover, Write and Check which is outlined on the front cover of your child’s half termly spelling booklet).  Spelling homework is due in by the Friday of each week. Once marked, each child’s weekly spellings score will be added to the table on the back of their spelling booklet.

Autumn Term 1 Spellings 2019-20

Click the relevant link below to access the spelling lists for the first half of the Autumn term.

Spelling Booklet (12 spellings)

Spelling Booklet (8 spellings)

Autumn Term 2 Spellings 2019-20

Click the relevant link below to access the spelling lists for the second half of the Autumn term.

Spelling Booklet (12 spellings)

Spelling Booklet (8 spellings)

Spelling Booklet (3 spellings)

Spring Term Spellings 2019-20

Click the relevant link below to access the spelling lists for the full Spring term.

Spelling Booklet (12 spellings)

Spelling Booklet (8 spellings)

Spelling Booklet (3 spellings)



Useful Links




Spelling Shed

Games to help with English:

Magic Key Adventures


Active Learn

Times Tables Rockstars

Games to help with Maths:

Duck Game – Counting in tens

Caterpillar Game – Ordering numbers

Help put Tom the zebra to bed – Ordering the days of the week

Days of the week – Match the days of the week

Colour the seasons – Create a seasonal picture

Measuring weight and capacity – Measuring games

Capacity – using the correct measure to fill a container

Symmetry – Symmetry Matching Game

Monkey Drive – Multiples of 2, 5 and 10

Using Money to add and subtract – Find out which toys you can buy, their cost and the change given

Carroll Diagrams – Sorting numbers using 1 or 2 criteria


Great Fire of London Game

Samuel Pepys – Magic Grandad

Florence Nightingale – Magic Grandad

Florence Nightingale – Video


Ducksters website – Ancient China