Year 1 have been at the Open Zone @ The Word as part of their topic of space.

They went into the green screen studio, where they were able to perform their poem and rhymes. The children did a Fantastic job!

Click on the image below to view or video.

Whilst some of the children were filming in the green screen, the rest of the class were able to create there own computer games, such as snap and a catch the objects game. They will be continuing with these in class over the next few weeks.

After lunch Y1 were the first class to use robotic Sphero balls, on the plastic Christmas tree. They learnt how to control the Sphero ball, change its speed and colour via the iPad. They then went back into the classroom, where they coloured in some christmas pictures. They then brought then to life using the Quiver App on the iPads.

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The day was rounded off, with a quick look round the ‘Amazing Space’ exhibition and a photo as an astronaut!

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