Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about China this term and have brought in some super objects to add to our China display.

As part our learning, we visited the Oriental Museum before half term and enjoyed a fantastic day packed with activities.

On arrival, the children explored the ‘Marvels of China’ gallery, where they worked in teams to find answers to clues about the different artefacts displayed in the museum.

The children then got dressed up and took part in a drama activity where they retold the Chinese zodiac story.

After that, the children worked in groups of 3 to make a Terracotta warrior using clay – one person made the head, another the body and another the legs.  The children did a fantastic job and their amazing models are on display in class.

After a very busy morning, we enjoyed lunch then headed back to the gallery to handle some of the artefacts on display.

The children then showed their competitive side when they competed against each other in a matching game where they had to identify different characteristics of various animals considered important in Chinese culture and history.

Finally, with little time to spare, the children learnt about Shang writing and had to identify the meaning of different Chinese symbols.

We had an amazing day and there were several children fast asleep on the journey back to school.

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