Year 2 were so pleased and proud when they found out that they were the winners of the Embleton Hall Dairy Milkshake Competition!

The prize for winning the competition was a free trip to Village Farm Dairy, Murdon and Embleton Hall Dairy to see the process involved in milk production – from ‘Grass to Glass’.

The children started the day with a visit from Farmer David who brought them a gift of a lovely green hoody.  On the front of the hoody it said ‘Trainee Farmer’ and on the back was written ‘Milkshake Competition Winner’.  The children put them on and wore them with pride all day.

Once we arrived at the farm, the children were split into 3 groups and completed 3 different activities – a tour of the Dairy Farm, meeting and petting some animals and an Activity Trail.

During the Dairy Farm Tour, the children saw new-born calves, including one that was born the day before.  They saw cows being milked using a robot milking machine.  As the cows are milked they are given cow treats.  First, the robot cleans the udders, then tubes are attached to each of the cow’s teats and the cow is milked.  The machine logs how much milk has been produced by each cow and when each udder is emptied the tubes come off automatically.

After the children saw the milking process, they saw where the cows go for a rest, saw lots of calves, pigs and the farm sheepdog.

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The children also enjoyed meeting, holding and petting lots of animals.  They saw a fluffy rabbit, a black and white mouse, a Chinese chicken, a hedgehog called Oreo, a millipede, a tortoise, a snake, an owl and a bearded dragon.  The children fed apple to the tortoise and meal worms to the bearded dragon.  Everyone was really brave and handled or stroked the animals.  Some children even gave the owl a kiss!

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The children completed an Activity Trail where they had to find the answers to lots of questions.  They found out that the farm looks after 150 cows, that a cow has 4 udders, a female is called a heifer and a boy calf is called a bullock.

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The children enjoyed a well deserved lunch after a very busy morning.

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In the afternoon, after seeing where the milk comes from and how the cows are milked, we got back on the bus to visit Embleton Hall Dairy to see how the milk is pasteurised, bottled, packaged and sent off to schools and shops throughout the area.  We all enjoyed a lovely carton of cool milk, then had to put on lovely blue hair nets and white lab coats before entering the factory to learn about the final stage of the milk production process.

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The trip was extremely jam packed with activities and we were all exhausted by the end of the day.  Strangely, the bus journey home was a lot quieter than the one in the morning!  After a quick power nap on the bus, we arrived back at school.  The children were excited to find out that more goodies were on offer – everyone was given a goody bag with a pencil, bookmark, wristband, yoghurt and some Durham butter.

What a wonderful day we had at the Dairy!

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