3 St. Bede’s squads consisting of 30 children took part in the South Tyneside Tag Rugby Finals. All of our teams played with great commitment and in the right spirit.

Two of our teams won all of their group matches, so reached the last four of the competition. Ben More’s team went on to claim bronze medals, while Josh Camm’s side won gold, after successfully winning every match during the day.

All of our players showed satisfying composure in the face of some poor decisions, non-existent protection from referees for foul play; but even more disappointingly, opposing coaches frequently trying to influence decisions from the sidelines.

The ability of the St. Bede’s teams to support the ‘ball carrier’ while attacking, meant that there was always a team mate at hand. Meanwhile, the defensive tagging was very determined, while our ability to ‘double tag’ was unparalleled. Our teams that medalled, rarely conceded any tries at all!

Congratulations to all of our teams for your determined and skillful efforts. Thank you also to the parents who cheered the teams on from the side lines with such calm and positivity.

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