CREST is a scheme that inspires young people to think and behave like Scientists and Engineers. In Science Club the children are now striving to achieve a Star CREST Award.  They have to complete 8 challenges to achieve the award.

Brilliant Bubbles

Last week, the children had lots of fun when they explored liquids, gases and bubbles.  They were challenged to make bubbles of different sizes, shape and colour – the children then made their own bubble mixture and bubble wands (using pipe cleaners, straws and string).

Confusing Cans

This week, the children started thinking about weights, ramps and investigation.  Each group was given 3 cans with the labels removed (beans, beans and sausages & tomato soup).  They had to carry out an investigation to find out which can held what food and whether what was in the can affected how far it would roll.

They felt the weight of the cans, shook them to try and work out what was inside each one and then rolled them down a ramp to see how far each would roll.  There was a lot of initial discussion about whether more solid food e.g. the beans and sausages would roll further than the liquid soup, each group sharing their thoughts (predictions).

The children repeated the exercise a few times to ensure their results were more accurate and interestingly all groups found that the can with the soup in rolled the shortest distance.  Two groups found that beans was next with the more solid beans and sausages rolling the furthest.

Well done!  Roll on next week!

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