During the closure, one of our Year 2 children, Alice Watson, has been fundraising for the Cerebral Palsy charity Heel and Toe.

Alice successfully completed the Rainbow Challenge, where she had to complete 7 activities over 7 days in 7 different coloured t-shirts🌈.  The Heel and Toe charity, which has helped children with cerebral palsy and mobility difficulties for many years, including Alice, is at risk of permanent closure because of the coronavirus.

The Rainbow Challenge, required children to complete 7 activities they may find difficult over 7 days.

Alice’s activities included running, trampolining, exercising in the garden, singing and even glo-stick dancing!  These may seem like simple steps to many, but for Alice they are challenging as she struggles with her mobility and co-ordination.

Alice had lots of fun completing the challenge and she raised a whopping £1524 for the charity!  Wow!  Alice received many comments from those who donated to the charity because of her efforts, saying how amazing and inspiring she is!  What a lovely, kind and caring thing Alice did for the charity.  Alice’s parents are super proud of her as are we!  Knowing Alice and her determined, smiling, sunny disposition, she will have tackled this challenge with gusto and enthusiasm.  Well done Alice, you truly are Amazing!!!! ⭐

  1. Donna Apicella

    Fabulous Alice, you are a true inspiration!!! Big virtual Hugs and Hi Fives to you!!

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